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The pure white living room curtains for your reference

Le 16 juin 2017, 06:21 dans Humeurs 0

Living room is the most important space of our home and the decor of it reflect the taste of the master. Nowadays, the simple and comfortable style of living room is very popular.The pure color of the curtain, wall and the sofa make the room look more fresh.

living room decor

Curtains plays an important part of the living room decor. The following three types are for your reference.

White and Blue Living Room Curtains

The curtain in white and blue color looks fresh and elegant. It is the perfect match of the European and modern indoor furnishing. The living room or the country cottage canbe decorated by these pure curtains to create a peaceful environment.The embroidery craft is so exquisite that makes the botanical pattern more vivid and chic.

White Floral Living Room Curtains

The white curtain can be used to decorate the living room or study room. The white color has a good light transmission so it is often used in home.And the floral pattern add the fashion to the whole design. The room will look more neat and clean by pastoral curtains. It can provide a graceful and peaceful environment for people.Since the curtain combines the linen and cotton fabric together, it touches soft and smooth and also very Eco-friendly and breathable.Don't be worry about the safety of the curtain since there is no chemical elements in it

White Country Curtains

The white color and the leaf pattern makes the curtain looks very fresh and can go well with the furniture of country style. Also,as one part of the room, it can show the master's pure and simple character. Never worry about its praticality since the shading rate of the curtain is about 70&. It can not only block the light but also protect your privacy. The warm and comfortable environment the curtain offers will ensure a sense of security and a sound sleep.

Have you had any ideas about the white curtain? Last but not the least, remember to wash the curtain in cold water and let it dried under the sunlight or wind naturally and directly

Color Block Curtains, A Versatile And Functional Unifying Element For Rooms

Le 10 mai 2017, 12:08 dans Humeurs 0

Curtains make a room and if the curtains are really great, they are expensive. Nowadays, it is not that everyone wishes to afford spending lots on curtains; it is about creating customized curtains such as color block curtains. These are inexpensive curtains and I also a way to have high-end look without spending much or breaking your bank.

Color block curtains can be done by yourself on purchasing your choice of fabric and the other items required are:

1. Scissors

2. Curtain Panels

3. Fabric for panel or curtain panels

4. Matching thread, sewing machine or fusible web


1.Measure the stripe you wish to be inserted into the main panel or consider a straight line. Leave seam allowance of ½ inch and cut the parts out, but do not throw any extra parts, it may be of use later.

2.Cut another block in other color to your choice of width, again leaving seam allowance to ½ inch on both sides. Use fusible web and attach them or sew smaller panel onto bigger panel.

3.Cut small panel to desired width and onto the bottom sew it with opposite color panel. Get going with the same to the other curtain panels to get color block curtains.

4.Hang the panels and beam with joy on having made your color block curtains.

The color block draperies look beautiful and make a big statement with their color bands that are contrasting. The color block designs create an interesting, dramatic and unifying element exciting your rooms. This is versatile as you can also consider smaller size blocks and patterns, though there is no doubt that the large color blocks for curtains are incredibly versatile and are a real big design that are a sure payoff now recently gaining more prominence at home. Here are two color block curtains and you can also have a look at other home decor ideas article.

taupe color block curtains

Chenille Color Blockt Curtains

Focusing On The Right Green Curtains For Your Needs

Le 27 avril 2017, 11:25 dans Humeurs 0

Everyone that has ever decided to decorate their interiors has thought about window treatments at one point for another. You may not immediately think about this, but if you’re honest about it, you could use an upgrade. Whether you live in an apartment or you live in a house that you’ve recently bought, you should not ignore the windows. Treatments for windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Many people assume that the options are only in regards to blinds and curtains. 

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